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The Beosigner®


Enjoy life every day!

                   ...with the simple push of a button.

Everyone wants to feel good, to be healthy, to have the energy to do everything they want to do and more. Unfortunately, most people don't have this energy.

Simply said: they just don't feel good.

Is there a way to energize your life again? 

 Scientists have discovered that light is vital for our body and our cells. Light gives us power and vitality! Molecular and BioPhotonics research has shown that the lack of biophotons leads to disorders in the regulative processes in our body and diminishes our vitality.


The Beosigner®
& The Vitalizer


The Beosigner® and The Vitalizer are unique wellness devices a global innovation. 

There is simply no equivalent to this application in the field of biophotonics.


Vitarights Innovations, our German partners, have used their knowledge of BioPhotonics to develop a unique device that can help stimulate biological regulation mechanisms. They have worked for over 15 years to develop a unique wellness device which can help give you the energy you need, day in and day out. This wonderful device has changed the lives of thousands of people.

They feel good!

Martin Becker, Head of the research and development team of the Vitalizer in Germany


The Vitalizer and the Beosigner® are developed and produced in Germany. This wellness device has already been on the European market for many years.

Talk with one of our consultants and ask for the possibilities to have your own Beosigner! 

The Beosigner® will be delivered directly from Germany to your home in the USA.

How it Works



How does it work?  Simply said, the biochemical processes in every organism (our bodies, our food and all other living organisms) are controlled through the interaction of the molecules through the medium of light. 


Vitality disturbances such as exhaustion, lack of energy or hypersensitivity go hand in hand with a lack of light energy in the body cells.

The coherent light of the Beosigner® and the Vitalizer can help to vitalize the management of light energy in the cells. However, the light itself does not do the work. The Beosigner® emits a coherent light beam that supplies the organic matter onto which this light falls with an information impulse – this impulse can help to stimulate the biological regulation mechanisms.

The light itself plays no decisive role on the effect (it just serves as a bearer) – more important is the information that has been transmitted by it.


This information can re-inform the cells, and help to stimulate the self healing powers of the body.


Only the Vitarights Vitalizer and Beosigner® has been developed to contain the specific information codes to re-inform the cells in this way.  This discovery was made in Germany by the research and development team of Martin Becker.


Now you can use this unique wellness device anywhere and anytime you need it!

Don't wait any longer. Contact one of our independent consultants today!

Vitalization in a matter of seconds

As soon as the coherent light of the Vitalizer and The Beosigner® comes into contact with your body, it helps to reformat the biophotonic network on a cellular level and optimize your light metabolism. 

Young Doctor


The Vitalizer and The Beosigner® are developed to support your wellbeing, it is not a medical device or treatment. This product is not intended as a substitute or replacement for medical treatment or advice.  In case of illness, you should seek treatment from a licensed medical provider. Do not stop or change a medical treatment with out consulting your medical provider.

Team Meeting

Join us

Representing KuWe Innovations means helping other people. Our innovative products help you to help others feel good again. It's rewarding work, because it feels good to do good.


What to Vitalize?

Health is a top priority for many. More and more people wish to enjoy a long life full of vitality and energy. The principle of biophotonics states that our cells need the energy of light to stay fit and fully functional. Disorders in energy management, such as fatigue, hypersensitivity or the lack of energy can often be attributed to the lack of light information in the cells.

At the push of a button, the Beosigner® or Vitalizer emits coherent light with a high degree of order, and it can help to activate the self healing power in:

people, animals, plants and even food!

Are you tired, stressed or experiencing anxiety?

The pressure to perform at the workplace, at school or even at home is constantly rising. Long nights at the (home) office are pretty normal, and the so-called work-life-balance seems to be nearly unachievable.


Uncertainties and unexpected events can give you anxiety and make you feel constantly tired. Everyone reacts to stressful situations differently. Some develop physical complaints, whereas others suffer from psychological problems.

The Beosigner® and Vitalizer can help you! Thanks to its harmonizing light, the device can re-inform and vitalize your body and can support you in managing your stress. Trust the innovative insights of quantum physics and enjoy more peace and tranquility of mind.

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