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Pure, quality water is essential for a healthy life.

Drinking good quality water is one of the oldest remedies for maintaining good health.  Even in ancient times, people had already recognized the power of drinking pure, high quality water. Water helps your body to prevent sickness by supporting the purification mechanisms of your body and it helps to revitalize our systems. 

Water is the basis for all life on earth, and it is in constant circulation. The human body, too, has its own water system. Nutrients are transported to the cells by water channels. There, water enables biochemical reactions. Simultaneously, the removal of waste materials takes place; e. g., our kidneys work as a “sewage treatment plant” for our bodies. Without water, our bodies would not be able to function.

Unfortunately, from the beginning of the industrial era, our water is not pure anymore. All kinds of external factors have resulted in the fact that we no longer drink pure, unpolluted spring water today, but tap water that has been processed beforehand. This water is “degenerated” water – meaning that it no longer has the same quality as pure mountain spring water. It is certainly no coincidence that these days, as consumers are confronted with low water quality, there are so many people complaining about various illnesses, as well as a lack of vitality and “joy of life.”  Indeed, if we could make the consumption of high quality water more frequent, although perhaps not being a universal remedy, it would certainly have a number of positive effects. 


Fortunately, by using The Beosigner® or the Vitalizer you can increase the quality of water – as every sip counts!


Furthermore, since the human body is composed of 70 % water, vitalizing your body can help to trigger the body’s self-regulation and healing mechanisms, which in turn can help support metabolism, detoxification and restoring vitality.

Improved Water Quality through Light Metabolism Optimization

The Beosigner and Vitalizer have an especially positive effect on the water cluster structures. Therefore, there is a direct connection between a higher water content and the effect of the vitalizer: the higher the water content, the more effective the vitalization is. By vitalizing your drinking water, you optimize its light metabolism. 


In this way, you can transform low-grade drinking water into a higher grade drinking water. 


Do not hesitate to vitalize every beverage you drink.


The German based Hagalis Institute has conducted a scientific study with well water which clearly showed this effect on water crystal formation after a short vitalization treatment.*

* HAGALIS Crystal analysis (2001): „Water crystal analysis with Becker-Vitalizer-Device“ Hagalis AG, Herdwangen-Schönach.

Picture 01:

Well water from Neuzell Germany before the Vitalization.

(400-times magnified)


The ordered, grid-like crystal structure is typical for drinking water of lower quality.

Picture 02:

Well water from Neuzell Germany after the Vitalization.

(400-times magnified)


It can be clearly seen that the water crystals after the Vitalization are arranged differently: the fern-like structure is similar to that of high quality water.

Gourmet Meal

Vitalize your body and everything you eat and drink.

You can use the Vitalizer all over your body. Use it on all your food, your beverages, your medicines, your cosmetics - and don't forget the amazing benefits the Vitalizer can have on your pets!

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