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Biophotons in our Food – Basis for Healthy Nutrition

Is there any food at all today that could be enjoyed without hesitation?

Take any food product, drink or medication – nearly everything we use is in some way “poisoned” by harmful influences. These are pesticides, nitrites, genetic modification or such pathogenic agents as salmonellae.


Our body often reacts with food intolerances, nutrient deficiency and digestion problems. The possible long-term results of this continuous contamination are not simply burdensome, they can turn every meal into a risky game.

With a push of the Vitalizer's button you can send a coherent light to the cells of an organic tissue, refreshing them to new glowing quality.

Users say that the Vitalization successfully increases tolerance of food, drinks and other products, such as cosmetic preparations. Many users of the Vitalizer can literally taste the difference in quality!

Increase Bioavailability of Food

with the Vitalizer 

We cannot do much about the ingredients in our food. As consumers, we are just left to the mercy of the manufacturers. However, with the Biophotonic technology you can increase the bio availability of your food.


The Vitalizer emits informed light that can help to increase accessibility and tolerance of your food and drinks.

Eating and drinking can be a pleasure again!

However, never heat the vitalized products in a microwave – this will destroy the effect of the Vitalizer. The Vitalizer should always be kept away from microwave ovens and steam.

Addressing Food Intolerances with the Power of the Vitalizer

So many people today suffer from allergies and intolerances to different foods.


Harmful environmental influences lower biophoton numbers in living cells and induce lack of the important light energy.


If you are determined to tackle your food intolerance or allergy, the Vitalizer can be a great help. Employ the newest discoveries in the field of quantum physics and vitalize your food – simply with a push of the button.

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