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Support the Immune System of Animals with the Biophoton Technology 

Large companion pets and house pets are our beloved companions. Many of us hold them dear and have a close friendship with them. Because they are so close to us, we want them to feel good and enjoy a comfortable life. Unfortunately, animals are not immune to stress or the negative influence from the polluted environment and/or chemicals in their food. Our beloved pets get sick, just like humans do. As a pet owner, you want to do everything to help your furry friends feel good and enjoy their lives.


The Vitalizer, as an innovative device in the field of biophoton technology, is equally effective on animals as it is on humans. The coherent light produces a vitalizing effect in all living cells, which literally thrive on this energy. The Vitalizer can help to strengthen the immune system of your pets; for example, horses, so that the animal may experience renewed power, concentration and energy. The success stories of animal owners and animal therapists speak for themselves: animals show a clear reaction to the vitalizing. The Placebo-effect could be safely disregarded – since animals have no inner convictions or opinions about the vitalizer effects. They simply feel the difference and notice the newly acquired life energy!




Horses are known for being especially sensitive animals. Many veterinarians and animal therapists are already placing great confidence in the Vitalizer and its biophoton technology when used on horses, and report of overwhelming success in the treatment of stress and other issues. 

Vitalize the water and food of your pet!


Also, the food and water for your pets can be harmonized with the Vitalizer, and these will be willingly consumed (and even preferred!) by pets. Users report that horses and other animals also tolerate vaccinations and deworming much better when the substances have been treated with the Vitalizer before use.

Usage of the Vitalizer for Animals

Just as with humans, the usage of the Vitalizer with animals is very simple. With a push of the button, the device emits coherent light, transporting information that exercises a regulatory and vitalizing effect on the body cells and can help to strengthen the immune system.


Pets have the same main four points – hypothalamus, hypophyses, thymus gland, and the so called “sea of energy”. Additionally, specific acupuncture points can be used. Experience the new life quality along with your pet friends and Feel Good together!

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